I’m back!

Hello my lovely readers! To say that I feel guilty for not writing anything in ages is a massive understatement, honestly. But here's a short update on my UCL life on one of the most wonderful learning experiences I've had here. There are bits about having fun, managing yourself and making your own way through … Continue reading I’m back!

Looking Forward

This was the day. The day everything would change. She walked in that day A strange place New faces everywhere. In a school. Again. Nostalgia kicks in. The awkwardness, The building anticipation And The excitement, Shallow breaths, Her chest throbs The heart struggling, Struggling to escape. Its first instinct Pulling At the bars of the … Continue reading Looking Forward


In a matter of seconds She had scaled the court But All it took Was an illicit shove To bring her down. She falls to her knees. But In a blink, She’s up. ‘Swoosh’ Another three pointer. She turns to us. The whistle blows. Defeated, she looks. A champion, she stands. People run in To … Continue reading Red.

Stone Cold

I drift In and out Of my reverie My phone lights up. Names flash. Images blur. I look back. Healthy was it, To take a Rollercoaster that lasts Three sixty five Whole days? The constant Butterflies, Mangled mess of emotions And. Ambiguity. Captive on a strange land Rid of rationality. Only a rope bridge To … Continue reading Stone Cold


I look at the Splash of colours on my wall. My mind Processing in monochrome. The power I gave it, The Voice. All-consuming. That Weak, crackling voice Had scaled half the planet. ‘Look into your soul’ A sharp pain Yet dull, Pulsated. As if a warning. My heart rate quickened Stuttering, I laugh. I also look … Continue reading Translucen-